The bedroom is always the most important room in our house. At the end of the day and when we wake up in the morning, the first thing we see is the bedroom. For this reason, sleeping in a bedroom that relieves our fatigue and gives us pleasure also increases our quality of life.

Different accessories that complete the look of the bedrooms allow us to make big changes with small touches. Let’s take a look at the bedroom and bedroom decoration trends of 2022 together to make the bedrooms, where we spend most of our day, our living space.

  1. Bring Nature into Your Bedroom

We’ve been away from nature after the 2021 quarantine year, so bring nature into your bedroom in 2022. It’s like sleeping in the camp, tree house, forest with nature-themed wallpapers, decorations, and bedding.

  1. Bold Colors

Instead of classic colors such as white, black, and gray, warmer, and bolder colors such as orange, burgundy, caramel, green and blue are the trends of 2022. You can start using it on your headboard, nightstands, or pillows.


  1. Colorful and Supersize Furniture

You can change the look of your room in neutral colors and add a different atmosphere with colorful nightstands – maybe bookcases -, super-sized headboards, patterned bedding.


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